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Vogue E401 Plain Plastic Dough Scraper

Vogue E401 Plain Plastic Dough Scraper
  • Offering superb functionality and versatility at a remarkably affordable price, this high quality Vogue plastic dough scraper is a must-have for any commercial catering environment.
  • Designed with a flexible rounded edge, the pastry scraper allows you to easily manipulate dough and remove sticky batches from counter tops, making prepping and cleaning an effortless task.
  • The curved shape also allows you to gain access to all corners of containers and bowls, helping you scrape and remove ingredients with ease.
  • Crafted from polypropylene, this kitchen essential is also tremendously strong and robust, allowing it to withstand rigorous use without breaking.

Vogue E406 Scottish Dough Scraper

Vogue E406 Scottish Dough Scraper
  • Ideal for lifting, dividing and the general handling of pastry dough, this high quality Vogue Scottish Dough Scraper is an essential tool for any commercial kitchen.
  • Boasting a stiff, straight metal blade, this scraper is exceptionally strong and robust, allowing you to manipulate and move even the stickiest of dough with ease.
  • The premium metal construction also makes this pastry scraper extremely durable and hardwearing, helping it endure the rigours of daily use in any fast-paced catering environment.
  • Completed with an ergonomic plastic handle, the tool is also incredibly stable and secure in the hand, helping you to comfortably scrape for lengthy periods of time.