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Follett DW850 Self Contained Maestro Chewblet Ice Maker

Follett DW850 Self Contained Maestro Chewblet Ice Maker
  • Supply your bar with an incredible amount of ice, with this self contained Maestro Chewblet ice maker from Follett.
  • This Follet ice maker is capable of producing ice on a truly commercial level, with a production level of up to 193kg per day, perfectly suitable for large bars and restaurants and commercial events.
  • A decent 34kg storage bin ensures theres a space for the produced ice to sit and be available for you when you need it.
  • The type of ice produced by this machine is called Chewblet ice, which is uniformly shaped pieces of chewable compressed nugget ice, higher in quality than other nugget ice and more reliably dispensed.
  • In fact recent surveys have shown that over 70% of consumers prefer Chewblet ice, thanks to its innovative chewable texture and size.
  • The ice maker features a stainless steel evaporator, auger and top bearing for durability.
  • The exterior of the ice maker is also stainless steel, making it a very robust and durable machine, capable of standing up to any damage.
  • A semi-automatic cleaning cycle reduces maintenance costs, saves cleaning time, and improves the machines lifespan.
  • The legs of the ice maker allow for easy cleaning underneath and for improved airflow.
  • This ice maker from Follett combines incredible efficiency, innovative Chewblet ice, and durable practicality.