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Jantex CF796 C Fold White Hand Towels

Jantex CF796 C Fold White Hand Towels
  • These high quality 2-ply c fold hand towels from Jantex are suitable for any front of house area, allowing customers and staff to clean and dry their hands with ease, helping you maintain a high level of hygiene.
  • Each pack contains approximately 160 sheets which can be used with the Jantex hand towel dispenser (GD839) to minimise waste.
  • Approx.
  • 160 Sheets per Pack.

Jantex CL618 Slim Fold Hand Towel Recycled

Jantex CL618 Slim Fold Hand Towel Recycled
  • These slim fold hand towels are perfect for busy washrooms in any commercial establishment, including pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants.
  • Made from recyclable materials, this pack of 4000 hand towels is the most hygienic solution for hand drying in toilets and washrooms, helping you to maintain a clean and sanitary environment at all times.

Jantex DL920 Centrefeed White Roll Paper Towels

Jantex DL920 Centrefeed White Roll Paper Towels
  • This white roll is a versatile and essential part of any commercial catering business cleaning supplies.
  • Over 400, 2-ply sheets that absorb spills and cleans, the paper is a very versatile yet crucial part of the catering trade.
  • Each roll features a centrefeed design that can be used as standalone tissue roll or in a dispenser for a cost effective and money saving method of cleaning and wiping.
  • View our video to see how simple it is to replenish your dispenser.

Jantex DL921 Centrefeed Blue Roll Paper Towels

Jantex DL921 Centrefeed Blue Roll Paper Towels
  • Blue roll is ideally suited for use in both commercial and domestic kitchens, especially food preparation areas.
  • This 6 pack of 2-ply blue rolls is perfect for absorbing spillages, cleaning appliances and surfaces as well as drying hands.
  • The centrefeed roll design allows these blue centrefeed rolls to be used with dispensers such as the GD836, creating a cost effective and efficient paper roll dispensing unit, or on their own for quick and easy, portable cleaning.
  • The roll measures 120m in length, giving you plenty of roll for use in a wide range of applications, from drying hands to cleaning equipment and surfaces.
  • How to remove the centre – To remove the centre from your blue roll, simply place it on a flat surface and turn the roll so you can clearly see the join in the core.
  • Once located, turn the roll so that the end of the join is pointing towards your body.
  • Place your thumbs inside the core, grip the blue roll and exert a strong and steady outward pressure.
  • This will cause the core to begin to come apart at its seams.
  • Once the core has begun to come apart, you can reach inside the centre of the blue roll and pull the cardboard out.
  • With the cardboard removed, the roll will feed from the centre and make dispensing easy.
  • This has to be done before you use the roll with a centrefeed dispenser.
  • With the centre removed, these rolls are super quick and easy to use.
  • They are perfect for use in almost any environment.
  • The blue colour of the tissue uses the same ethos of the detectable plaster.
  • As blue is a very rare colour in the natural world, it is perfect for the colour of the tissue you use to clean around food preparation areas.
  • Likewise, the roll is ideal for use in hospitals as it is detectable.
  • For more help on how to remove the core from blue roll, you can check out the video to the right.
  • Or, if you click on the Useful Documents tab above, there is a downloadable and printable PDF that illustrates everything you need to know.

Jantex DL923 Z Fold Green Hand Towels

Jantex DL923 Z Fold Green Hand Towels
  • Keep the risk of cross-contamination down in your premises with these Z fold green hand towels from Jantex.
  • 1-ply, these paper towels are soft and luxurious and are presented in quantities of 200 per pack, ensuring great value for your money.
  • The z-fold allows less wastage of these towels as they pull out singularly and they fit perfectly with a dispenser to minimise waste.

Jantex GD836 Centrefeed Towel Dispenser

Jantex GD836 Centrefeed Towel Dispenser
  • A space saving centrefeed dispenser by Jantex, designed for areas that require fast access to towels such as commercial kitchens and care homes.
  • Attractive, hygienic and modular, in a contemporary design.
  • The unique tear-off mechanism minimises paper waste and environmental impact, as well as saving you money by reducing the amount of refills needed.

Jantex GD839 Hand Towel Dispenser

Jantex GD839 Hand Towel Dispenser
  • An ultra-strong and versatile paper towel dispenser by Jantex which will fit a large range of hand towels and features a strong towel outlet that can withstand constant use, perfect for busy washroom in restaurants, leisure centres, cafes and more.
  • The new adaptor plate ensures single hand towel dispensing which minimises waste, saving you money.