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Vogue D628 KitchenCraft Kitchen Plus Scissors

Vogue D628 KitchenCraft Kitchen Plus Scissors
  • The sharp serrated blades on these KitchenCraft scissors will make light work of cutting through all kinds of ingredients.
  • Providing clean cuts while saving time and effort, they are sure to speed up your service times.
  • Even during lengthy prep tasks, the handles offer a secure grip and feel comfortable in the hand.
  • Practical, reliable and affordable, these kitchen scissors excel in both commercial and home kitchens.

Vogue D629 Household Scissors

Vogue D629 Household Scissors
  • With straight and sharp stainless steel blades, these Vogue kitchen scissors cut through all kinds of ingredients with ease.
  • The plastic handles are designed to offer a firm grip without any discomfort during longer tasks.
  • Providing cleaner cuts for less effort, the scissors are a real time-saver during meal prep.
  • Practical, reliable and affordable, they are perfect for both commercial kitchens and home use.