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Hobart CN265 Hobart Profi GC Glasswasher

Hobart CN265 Hobart Profi GC Glasswasher
  • Highly economical and ultra compact, the Hobart Profi GC glass washer is ideal for narrow locations in restaurants, bars, hotels and more.
  • Designed for maximum efficiency, less than two litres of water is used per wash, helping you to reduce both your running costs and environmental impact.
  • Incredibly simple to use, just load, push the button and glasses are delivered sparkling clean within a couple of minutes.
  • Supplied with rinse and drain pump, drain and fill hoses, adjustable legs and glass washing rack.
  • 2.8kW.
  • 768 glasses/hr

Hobart CR676 Hobart Ecomax Plus Heavy Duty Glasswasher G403

Hobart CR676 Hobart Ecomax Plus Heavy Duty Glasswasher G403
  • A truly heavy duty glasswasher, the Hobart Ecomax Plus G403 is specifically designed for constant commercial use in busy bars, restaurants, cafés and more.
  • Simple to use and immensely powerful, the G403 features a built in drain pump for flexible positioning, as well as two wash cycles – allowing you the choice between rapid or intensive washing.

Hobart DN482 Hobart Glasswasher ECOMAX404

Hobart DN482 Hobart Glasswasher ECOMAX404
  • A convenient glasswasher for bars, pubs and similar businesses, the Hobart EcoMax combines its compact design and its heavily insulated door to heat up quickly and then hold that heat for longer, saving you money on operational costs whilst delivering dependable high wash quality.
  • To ensure all contents receive equal rinsing, the unit is equipped with an intelligent rotating wash system that cleanses every item from top to bottom, ensuring each glass and cup receives thorough and consistent cleaning.
  • Supplied with internal drain pump.
  • Pump Out Drain and Rinse Aid Dispenser

Hobart DW891 Glasswasher with Integrated Reverse Osmosis

Hobart DW891 Glasswasher with Integrated Reverse Osmosis
  • Eliminate the need to polish glassware, with this Hobart glasswasher.
  • Featuring an integrated reverse osmosis system, this allows the glasswasher to achieve polish-free results on your glassware, saving considerable time and energy.
  • With a low 1.9Ltr wash consumption, this reduces the electrical usage from heating and storing hot water and also of course saves on the amount of water being used.
  • The glasswasher has wide angle fan nozzles that create jets of water for better distribution and ultimately superior wash results.
  • A filtration system captures the majority of debris from glasses and takes it out of the wash tank to help keep your wash water cleaner for longer, increasing the effectiveness of your chemical cleaning agents.
  • Also featuring an innovative interlocking strainer pan, this means the unit will not even run without this pan in place, minimising the risk of foreign objects damaging the wash, rinse or drain pumps.
  • With a single button for all controls, this vastly simplifies using the glasswasher: touch to turn it on, and hold it down for three seconds to turn off and automatically self-clean.
  • This glasswasher is supplied by widely respected catering equipment brand Hobart.