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Castaway DW932 Elegance Premium Plastic Knife

Castaway DW932 Elegance Premium Plastic Knife
  • Get a touch of elegance for your table top settings, with these Castaway Elegance black plastic knives.
  • Featuring a slim and glossy black design, these knives provide an elegant look for any table setting that will delight and impress your guests.
  • Stronger than standard plastic cutlery due to an extra-strong polystyrene construction, your diners can enjoy any type of meal without the worry of flimsy cutlery breaking.
  • The blade of the knife is also larger than standard plastic cutlery too, improving strength further and allowing diners to cut all types of food.
  • Featuring Eco-Smart biodegrading technology, the knives are eco-friendly to help keep your environmental footprint down.
  • The knives also feature a textured handle that improves the grip and comfort that can often be a problem, especially in plastic cutlery.
  • These knives are a top quality product from innovative and reputable brand Castaway.

Castaway DW946 Costwise Disposable Knifes

Castaway DW946 Costwise Disposable Knifes
  • Improve levels of hygiene with these Costwise black disposable knives.
  • Everyones experienced it at some point – a knife or fork that hasnt been properly cleaned.
  • Even though youll get a clean piece of cutlery afterwards, it can still really put you off your food.
  • Seeing as plastic cutlery is disposable, this significantly improves levels of hygiene, as you can almost guarantee that it will be clean and therefore eliminate the risk of giving your guests and customers dirty cutlery.
  • Supplied in a box of 1000, these Costwise knives offer incredible value for money.
  • Durable as well as cost efficient, the polypropylene construction of the knives makes them crack-resistant to ensure they dont snap during use – something that can really ruin a meal.
  • The knives are recyclable, allowing you to lower your environmental footprint and maintain the eco-friendly image of your establishment.
  • Designed in a sleek and glossy black colour, the knives look great on any table setting and easily match with existing decor.
  • Perfect for use outdoors or in childrens eating areas, these knives are a top quality product from Costwise.

Castaway GG382 White Plastic Knife

Castaway GG382 White Plastic Knife
  • White, lightweight plastic cutlery.