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Schneider GT055 Food Storage Bucket 12Ltr

Schneider GT055 Food Storage Bucket 12Ltr
  • Store and pour a wide range of foods, with this Schneider food storage bucket in white.
  • Made from food safe materials, this 12 litre food storage bucket from Schneider is perfect for storing a wide range of foods, from flour and sugar to vegetables.
  • The bucket has a spout for pouring and a measuring lines to show how much you have left or to get accurate measuring when baking and cooking.
  • Constructed from strong polyethylene, the bucket is very robust and durable to ensure a long life in your kitchen and to reduce your need to buy replacements.
  • The ergonomic, free-moving handle allows for quick and comfortable lifting, saving you time and ensuring no damage to your hands.
  • Dishwasher safe and stackable, this is a practical food storage bucket from internationally renowned brand Schneider.