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Woodson HC988 Pronto High Speed Oven

Woodson HC988 Pronto High Speed Oven
  • Keep up with demand during busy periods in your business, thanks to this high quality Woodson Pronto Quick Performance Oven.
  • Boasting impingement and intelligent air flow technology and designed with adjustable bottom infrared heat, the oven guarantees consistent and rapid cooking results while toasting and finishing your food to perfection, helping you give your customers delicious meals in a matter of minutes to keep them coming back for more.
  • Featuring customisable touch screen menu control and an intuitive interface, the Pronto oven is also exceptionally easy to use, making achieving quick and effective cooking an effortless task.
  • Built with a removable support rack, impingement plate and front air filter, this unit is also remarkably simple to clean and maintain, helping you keep it hygienic and in excellent working condition at all times.
  • A compact design also makes it incredibly space-efficient, freeing up more room in your premises.