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Hatco DW995 Hatco Thermax Salamander

Hatco DW995 Hatco Thermax Salamander
  • Cook, grill and reheat your food with this Hatco Thermax Salamander.
  • This Thermax Salamander heating unit from Hatco is specially designed for versatility in the kitchen with the capabilities to cook, grill, and reheat food.
  • With the patented movable heat unit housing, maximum thermal transfer is achieved and maximum power is only consumed while actually in cook mode.
  • The unparalleled 10-second start-up speed is a result of Hatcos INSTANT ON heating elements located in the upper housing, which is movable to reduce the heat loss to food areas.
  • The unit can be countertop or wall mounted to a brick or cement wall, offering versatility of placement that can suit different kitchen designs.
  • A hold mode reduces power to 25% while keeping food at serving temperature, saving energy and money.
  • For further energy saving, twin independently controlled heating element sections allow for flexibility and energy conservation.
  • The stainless steel construction of the unit makes it very robust and durable to cope with the rigours of any commercial catering environment.
  • Discover the power of the Hatco Thermax Salamander now.
  • Instant on heating elements are ready for use within 10 seconds