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Dick DL378 Spatula 125mm

Dick DL378 Spatula 125mm
  • Flip, lift and spread with ease – this 125mm spatula from Dick slides effortlessly underneath steaks, burgers, eggs and a wide range of ingredients to ensure you prepare perfectly cooked food.
  • Designed with a large grooved handle, complete comfort and control is guaranteed at all times.
  • Made from premium stainless steel, the spatula is incredibly strong and durable to withstand everything a busy commercial kitchen throws at it.

Dick DL379 Cranked Spatula 100mm

Dick DL379 Cranked Spatula 100mm
  • Flip or lift fragile food without fear of damaging it.
  • This 10cm cranked spatula from Dick features a small flexible blade that will carefully slide under delicate food without causing rips or tears.
  • A black plastic handle is comfortable to hold and provides a secure grip, putting you in complete control when flipping, lifting or spreading quickly.
  • With Dicks proven reliability in commercial kitchens, the spatula offers long-lasting quality – immaculate preparation and presentation guaranteed.

Dick GD779 Pro Dynamic Kitchen Fork 160mm

Dick GD779 Pro Dynamic Kitchen Fork 160mm
  • A small cut of meat needs a small carving fork to match.
  • The length of the carving forks tines must fully sink into the meat to give you full control so it makes carving easier and more comfortable for you.
  • Dicks carving forks high-quality, pointed tips pierce neatly through meat.
  • The tines curved angle keeps your hand out of the path of the carving knife but also makes the fork great for lifting slices of meat too.

Dick GD780 Pro Dynamic Spatula 127mm

Dick GD780 Pro Dynamic Spatula 127mm
  • When a regular knife just isnt quite enough, equip yourself with the right tools for the job and expand your special purpose knife collection with Dicks Pro Dynamic Spatula.
  • An essential utensil for any chef, this palette knife will make even the most inexperienced of staff into a skilful cake decorator.
  • Not just for icing cakes, this versatile tool can be used for spreading bread fillings and lifting baked goods from baking trays.
  • Specially designed with a slightly offset handle attached to the stainless steel blade, this will keep your hands out of the way during delicate decorations to protect all your hard work.
  • The high quality German steel blade provides a smooth surface for all applications and the plastic handle offers a comfortable and secure grip to create the ultimate chefs tool.