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Araven U283 Food Box Marker Pen

Araven U283 Food Box Marker Pen
  • Label your kitchen products and get organised, with this Araven food box marker pen.
  • These pens from Araven are top quality black marker pens for your kitchen.
  • Theyre water soluble, allowing you to easily wipe the ink away with a damp cloth and label something new.
  • The strong and secure lid prevents the ink and nib from drying out, giving the pen a long life and limiting your need to buy replacements.
  • Storing your food in containers is standard kitchen practice for keeping your ingredients fresh and organised.
  • Its very important, though, that your containers are properly labelled.
  • Without adequate labelling of dates and contents, youre taking major risks with food safety standards.
  • Using a marker pen is a simple way to write dates and label contents on your containers.