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Classeq CB976-15A Classeq Hydro Pass Through Dishwasher H857A/DET-15A

  • Simplify your washing when demand is high with the help of the Classeq Hydro Pass Through Dishwasher.
  • A heavy duty appliance that streamlines the washing process, this industrial dishwasher makes short work of dirty crockery thanks to a built in detergent pump.
  • A rinse booster is also fitted to ensure the machine works efficiently even in areas of low water pressure and whilst using less water than traditional models, reducing your operational costs.
  • The machine features a self draining wash pump to remove any dirty water left in the dishwasher overnight, improving hygiene and extending the units lifespan.
  • Please note: additional modification costs of $150 ex GST included for all 15A units.
  • 720 plates/hr.
  • Drain Pump.


  • Auto-hood starts machine when the hood is closed
  • Hygienic continuous hood clean
  • Brand: Classeq
  • Fuel Type: Plug
  • Temperature Range: Tank temperature 55°C, rinse temperature 80°C
  • Depth: 720mm
  • Width: 630mm
  • Height: 1520mm
  • Weight: 83kg
  • Power: 15Amp


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