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Winterhalter CR042 Under Bench Dishwasher UC-S Excellence-i

  • Obtain sparklingly clean glassware and flawlessly clean crockery every time with the Winterhalter UC-S Excellence-i Undercounter warewasher.
  • Using an advanced built-in reverse osmosis system, only the cleanest, purest water is used to wash glassware and plates, leaving them brilliantly clean with no need to polish.
  • Even hard-to-clean lipstick and dried-in food residue are effortlessly removed thanks to VarioPower technology.
  • Operation is also simple, thanks to the user-friendly front mounted touch screen which allows you to select an appropriate wash depending on the contents of the warewasher.


  • VarioPower, adjustable wash pressure for delicate and robust wash items
  • Brand: Winterhalter
  • Fuel Type: Plug
  • Temperature Range: 35°C
  • Depth: 603mm
  • Width: 460mm
  • Height: 820mm
  • Weight: 85kg
  • Colour: Silver
  • Power: 3.2kW
  • Output: 512 glass/hr


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