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Winterhalter GF412 Under Bench Dishwasher UC-L-E

  • Fitted with a heightened wash chamber, the Winterhalter UC-LE can fit the largest of your utensils to ensure thorough washing across all dirty kitchenware.
  • A flexible wash system gives you control of each aspect of washing from temperature to time, supported by quadruple filtered water that enhances wash quality.
  • Full coverage of the wash chamber is achieved thanks an upper and lower wash arm which can also be removed for easy cleaning.
  • The rest of the unit also maintains a consistent high standard of hygiene with the inclusion of a self cleaning feature which can be used between shifts or busy periods.


  • Quadruple wash filtration system keeps water cleaner for longer
  • Integral water softener
  • Brand: Winterhalter
  • Fuel Type: Single or Three Phase
  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts & Labour
  • Temperature Range: Tank temperature 40-66°C; rinse temperature 40-85°C
  • Depth: 617mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Height: 810mm
  • Weight: 71kg
  • Power: 20A
  • Colour: Silver
  • Output: 960 glasses/hr or 40 racks/hr


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